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What Types Of Diseases In Gums Can Get Caused? How Homeopathy Helps In Recovering Gum Problems?

    What Types Of Diseases In Gums Can Get Caused? How to Recover Gum Problems?

    What is the importance of healthy gums?  

    Gums are the tissues around the teeth to help them be in place. The tooth’s roots connect to soft tissues, which are pink and gingivae. It protects the jawbone, which is essential because they support the teeth to be in place. 

    What is periodontal disease? 

    It is the condition caused in the film by the tooth and gums, which contains bacteria and releases harmful toxins that further damage the gums, which form tartar on the teeth.

    Problems caused by gums

    Most commonly, these two types of diseases are the most common Gingivitis and Periodontitis: 

    • Gingivitis is a disease in which bacteria get buildup on the teeth in the form of plaque and tartar, which cause infection. It is a common type of gum disease. 
    • Periodontitis, in this disease, is caused when infections caused due to bacteria remain untreated and takes a severe form in which it starts to erode the bone that supports your teeth and weaken the roots of the teeth. It is a serious Gum (periodontal) disease.  

    Causes of Periodontal Disease

    • Excessive Smoking causes damage to teeth and gums, gets widely affected, and promotes bacteria generation in the plaque.
    • If you do not take proper oral hygiene, that could be another reason for Periodontal Disease.
    • Hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause can also lead to tartar in the base of the teeth. 
    • Diabetes and Genetics are also significant reasons for having Periodontal Disease.
    • Saliva is essential for oral health hygiene as it keeps the gums and teeth clean, but Medications that reduce saliva flow can increase the risk of severe Periodontal Disease.

    Types of Treatments 

    • The treatments the dentist suggests is regular flossing and professional dental cleaning. In some severe cases, minor flap surgery can be performed on the gums to reverse the damaged gums. 
    • Homeopathy also suggests some ways to treat gum-related problems. 

    Homeopathy is preferred as gums are a sensitive part of the mouth and have several essential functions to perform, so any type of side effects of conventional medicines can pay higher. So that is why homeopathy is a toxic-free way to treat problems and provide relief from pain which is caused due to periodontal diseases.

    Here is the list of medications and remedies that are suggested by homeopaths for gum-related issues are as follows: 

    • To treat gum disease caused due to bad breath and excessive salivation, you must have Merc Sol, a remedy made with mercury, to have hygienic oral hygiene. 
    • Another medication is made up of volcanic ash from Mount Hekla in Iceland called Hekla Lava which is used to treat several Periodontal Diseases. 
    • The silicon dioxide is used to make Silicea, a homeopathic remedy to strengthen the tissues p[present in gums. 
    • A remedy is made from beechwood tar, known as Kreosotum, which promotes the healing of blood vessels in gums and heals bleeding gums. 
    • To treat periodontitis promoting loose teeth, homeopathy introduced Calcarea Fluorica, made from calcium fluoride, which promotes bone and tissue health of gums and teeth.  

    Always take advice from expert homeopaths before having any of these medications and remedies. 

    To treat our problems, we want medicines that do not cause other health issues. To get treated without side effects, many people shift to homeopathic medicines. As they are free from toxic chemicals and believe in the saying that “like cures like.” You can easily find a good doctor as people from all over the world trust homeopathy medicine to cure many diseases. 

    You not only find a homeopathic clinic, but also you will find an experienced and well-practiced doctor. Individuals living in metropolitan cities are showing their belief in homeopathic medicines and preferring natural treatments over conventional treatment. One of them is periodontal disease in gums and teeth. 

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