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Best Dental clinic in Ludhiana

    Best and Affordable clinic in ludhiana

    Dental care which basically means maintaining healthy care of your teeths. Good teeths represent a pleasing smile and bring confidence in you. Considering how hard your teeths need to work every day and still remain in very good shape. Keeping regular check on your teeth helps in preventing dental problems. When our dental hygiene is maintained well, it not only helps in preventing dental problems but also saves our body from being susceptible for more serious disease. And a healthy dental care is possible with a teeth hygiene routine, eating healthy and regular checkup with a Dental clinic in Ludhiana.

    What are the common Dental problems and Tooth diseases?

    Educating yourself regarding common dental problems can also go a long way in preventing many dental problems. 

    Tooth Cavities: Tooth cavities are caused by plaque buildup on your teeths. When sugar changes as acid , it damages the hard outer covering of the teeth that develops into tiny holes in the teeth. Cavities also known as tooth decays are among the most common health problems.

    Bad Breath: Bad breath also called halitosis with the main symptom as bad breathing smell which can be embarrasing and may even cause anxiety. Certain food habits, health conditions and habits are the main reason for it.

    Gum Disease: Gum disease also known as Periodontitis , occurs when plaque accumulates around teeth and damages soft tissues around the teeths. If not treated on time then periodontitis can damage the bone that supports your teeth.

    Tooth Erosion: Tooth erosion or Dental erosion leads to the loss of the surface of your teeth due to the acid. Diets high in sugar can promote tooth erosion. People with dry mouth are at higher risk of tooth erosion as they don’t have enough saliva in their mouth to rinse away the acids.

    Cracked and chipped teeth: It is a condition of the teeth when your teeth get a crack or break due to some injury , accident or eating hard food. Sudden sensitivity in the teethor a pain that comes and goes may indicate a cracked tooth.

    Tooth Sensitivity: In the tooth sensitivity, the nerve system get easily triggered by external stimuli, which leads to tooth discomfort in one or more teeths. Sensitive teeths cause sudden sharp pain in the teeths. It causes discomfort while eating or drinking certain food.

    Oral cancer: Oral cancer is any cancer found in the mouth, like lips, tongues , tonsils or anywhere in the mouth. Oral cancer is a serious and deadly disease. Its symptoms includes soreness and lumps in the moth that do not heal. According to the data, around every hour someone dies of oral cancer in the United states. 

    Prevention Tips: Dental problems are a very common problem among the people which many people ignore on dailybasis. Dental problems affect a person’s health and self esteem. It can be preventable with proper teeths hygiene routine and regular dental checkup.

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