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    All You Need To Know About The Functions of Molars & Wisdom Teeth

    Everyone knows we have different types of teeth, and every single tooth has its specific importance. But when we talk about the names and the processes of different teeth handles, we are unaware of them.

    That’s why we will talk about two essential types of teeth: molars and wisdom teeth. We will be learning everything about them and suggest you a few tips from an expert dentist in Ludhiana to keep your dental health good.

    If you have bad dental health or want to learn more about it, this post is a must-read for you.

    All About Molars Teeth

    Molars are the rounder, flat teeth that are situated in the back of your mouth, and the biggest process of molars is to break down all the larger pieces of food into smaller pieces, with the help of which the food becomes easy to swallow.

    Molars also include wisdom teeth, which are of various types. In the coming section, we will be talking about all the different types of molars teeth.

    Different Types of Molars

    In an average person, you would be able to notice 12 different types of molars, and they are planted in a group of 3 molars at each side of your upper and lower jaws.

    Although people think molars are the same, all 12 molars have different shapes and sizes. Hence, when dealing with dental implant surgery in Punjab, make sure you are well aware of it.

    Let us have a look at the different types of molars:

    The first type of molars is called six-year molars because these molars start growing around age six.
    The second type of molars is called 12-year molars because these molars start growing around age twelve.
    The third type of molar is also called the wisdom tooth; these molars start growing between the age of 17 to 21.

    Reasons To Have Wisdom Teeth:

    The basic reason behind having a wisdom tooth was evolution because in the older times, our ancestors were eating raw meat, roots, nuts, and many other food items that were hard to break or chew. Hence these window teeth were used to break those tough food items.

    But nowadays we don’t eat food such as raw or tough meat. Hence the wisdom tooth is not used nowadays.

    Problems With Wisdom Teeth:

    There are a few problems linked with wisdom teeth which are as follows:

    Wisdom teeth can be blocked by other teeth, which can lead to wisdom teeth not being used properly or up to a full extent.
    When wisdom teeth come in, there is a high chance that they will create places where bacteria can live, and it will be a hard-to-clean place.
    If the wisdom teeth never come in, then they can form tumors or lead to serious issues to the jawbone.


    We hope you learned a lot about the functions of molars and wisdom teeth. If you are looking for the best and most reliable dentist, Foxxdental is the right place.

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