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20th January 2023 Dental Implants

The most popular and best Dentist In Ludhiana for restoring your missing tooth or teeth is without a doubt a dental implant. In the past about 25 years, they have changed the direction of dentistry.

A dental implant is essentially a titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gum line to serve as a tooth root. An implantologist will install a crown there to guarantee that the implant looks like a natural tooth when it is placed.

Tooth implants not only function similarly to your natural teeth in terms of feel and look.

Why Dental Implants?

The problem of missing teeth can occur at any point in one’s life. Tooth loss may be brought on by trauma, an accident, serious gum disease, tooth decay, or even poor oral hygiene. If untreated, missing teeth can have some side effects, including:

  • Speech issues brought on by the void left by one or more missing teeth
  • Having trouble chewing
  • The face may start to look older and wrinkled with sunken cheeks as a result of the muscle sagging caused by tooth loss.
  • Pain in the jaw’s facial muscles as a result of the missing teeth’s poor bite
  • Tooth decay and gum disease develop over time as a result of plaque buildup and food becoming trapped in the gap left by missing teeth.
  • improper bite brought on by the tilting of nearby teeth into the voids left by missing teeth.
  • Untreated tooth loss can detract from one’s appearance and lower one’s self-esteem or confidence.
  • hiding one’s smile during talks or at public gatherings to prevent humiliation brought on by a toothless smile.

Dental implants can solve each of the mentioned problems. Without a doubt, they are the best and most popular way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants can help anyone who is lost teeth, regardless of age or gender. to find out who is suitable for Dental Implant Surgery in Punjab.

Procedure for dental implants

A dental implant placement involves several steps. Here is a list of them:

Placing The Implant

Modern dentistry methods allow it to perform the implant installation process comfortably and without pain. Patients who are worried about the process can also request anesthesia from the dentist to feel comfortable.

The surgeon first prepares the jawbone before making a cut that exposes the bone so that drilling holes can be done. The implants are inserted properly and inserted deeply into the bone, like the root, through holes that are kept deep enough.


The jawbone will expand and fuse with the dental implant’s surface throughout this procedure. This procedure, also known as osseointegration, aids in providing a sturdy foundation for the new artificial tooth, similar to what the roots do for natural teeth.

Depending on the shape and quality of the bones, this procedure usually takes between three and six months. However, when patients have healthy bone structures, the entire treatment can be completed in one day.

The second procedure, in which a new incision is created to expose the implant heads, will be less complicated than the first.

Placement of Abutment

The dentist will reopen the wound to connect the abutment to the dental implant during the procedure. While the gums around the abutment heal, a temporary crown will be used for four to six weeks. Such a crown may stress the soft tissues and cushion the implant, which may promote recovery. It has more give.


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